Color your eyes


Hurricane- Violet by Cybershop
Bella-Blue by www.Cybershop.fi

I prefer color lenses, because it's really easy to to change  eye color depending on  inspiration and clothing.

There is a lot of purely cosmetic reasons for using colored lenses in addition to improving eyesight.
My own eyes color is usual Nordic light blue.  Sometimes I  like to wear my eyes on other colors- sapphire blue, brown or turqoise....  It can be done by using colored contact lenses!

Imagination is your only limit.

My own lenses@ Lensway- FreshLook Colorblends-Brown

Products from Lensway: Single use lenses x 90, color lenses (for 1 month ) and the moisturising multi-purpose solution for all soft contact lenses.

There is available also Extreme-lenses with different colors and designs!


A wide range of lenses are available from single use  up to for one year use lenses. There  is even contact lenses which can be used around the clock for one month.

You need a solution for the soft contact lenses.  You get it from netstores or from your optician.


Lens Care



Regular cleaning for contact lenses will help them stay in good condition  and do not collect bacteria and impurities on the surface of lenses.
 The potential failure of impurities on the surface of lenses for a long time will cause a risk for the well-being of the eyes. It may be the worst case, for example, causes inflammation of the eye, but usually only a nuisance is a discomfort in the eye and contact lens contamination.

Contact-lens cleaning, but also the lens disinfecting contact lens boxes is important.  
Should not forget careful washing of hands before handling contact lenses.

Most importantly, clean and disinfect your contact lenses once a day. If you wear extended wear contacts, clean and disinfect the lenses as soon as you remove them, unless they are designed to be discarded immediately after use. 
Not only will your eyes be safer and healthier, but your contact lenses will be more comfortable to wear too.

Read more ! :http://www.allaboutvision.com/contacts/caresoftlens.htm#must



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